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Landscape Lighting


Outdoor lighting will add value, beauty and security to your home. Using professional grade fixtures assures your investment provides year-round comfort and enjoyment for a long, long time.

After an initial consultation, we will design a system to illuminate areas of interest in the landscape, light walkways and pathways, show off the architecture of your home...the possibilities are endless!

With the emergence of LED technology, landscape lighting has gone to the next level of ease!  Light bulbs which once had to be changed every year or so, now will last 100,000 hours!  And the cost of running an LED light is a small fraction of its incandescent counterpart.

Our customized outdoor lighting solutions bring your home to life when others are disappearing into the darkness of night. Create warm and inviting outdoor living spaces that can be experienced and enjoyed at all hours and in all seasons. Add value to your home by spotlighting its distinctive features and highlighting the best elements of your landscaping, grounds and gardens.Increase the safety and security of your home, helping to prevent accidents and deter intruders with illuminated entries, walkways, drives and potential "hiding spots".

Kichler and Vista Landscape Lights