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Tree & Shrub Care


Trees & shrubs are an important & valuable part of our landscapes. It takes years for a tree to become an established feature in your lawn. Regular maintenance pruning & fertilizing is necessary to ensure that your trees & shrubs are healthy.

Like lawn care, tree care is an ongoing process including proper watering to keep the soil cool & moist, pruning to prevent branches from damaging each other in the wind & to remove dead wood, & fertilizing to replace nutrients consumed by the tree & lawn.

Granulawn has 3 licensed arborists on staff to serve you.

Complete Tree & Shrub Program

  • Spring Fertilization
  • Early Spring Insecticide
  • Early Spring Fungicide
  • Late Spring Insecticide
  • Late Spring Fungicide
  • Mid-Summer Insecticide
  • Late Summer Insecticide
  • Fall Fertilization
  • Anti-transpirant (to prevent winter dessication)
brown pine needles.jpg

Wedgle Gun Injections

Granulawn offers the Wedgle System to treat your pin oaks, birches, and maple trees for iron deficency.  This can also be used to treat larger trees for insects and diseases.