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NEW!!! Control your Rain Bird Controller with Amazon Alexa!

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With unpredictable Spring temperatures, if you are concerned about your system freezing after the Activation, please follow these steps:

  1. Follow the pipe from your backflow back to the shut-off valve inside the house.

  2. Turn the ball valve 90 degrees. (Older systems may have a gate valve which will be turned clockwise until tight.) SEE PHOTOS BELOW.

  3. In most cases, there is a drain above this valve. With a bucket under it, open the drain to allow water to drain out. Once drained, you should shut the drain.

  4. When temps warm up enough for you to be comfortable to water, slowly turn the ball valve or gate valve back on. SEE PHOTOS BELOW.

Sprinkler Activation and Winterization

Sprinkler Activation and Winterization - Starts at $149

Spring Activation

  • Water is turned on

  • Controller programmed

  • Sprinkler heads visually inspected for proper operation

  • Includes First Hour of labor for repairs-parts billed separately



  • Removal of existing water from lines with an air compressor

  • All valves are set to their proper positions

Sprinkler Repairs

Granulawn services all types of irrigation systems for both residential and commercial customers.  If your repair requires you to be present, we will schedule your repair for a morning or afternoon, and have the tech call you in route.


Sprinkler Installation

We use quality Rain Bird components for a sprinkler system that will perform for years.  We also offer 12 Months Same As Cash financing!


Granulawn is a Rain Bird Select Contractor and provides the highest level of care and attention for all your sprinkler system needs. Our specialist will create a water efficient and reliable system that will insure complete coverage to your turf and landscaping. Your irrigation needs will be coordinated from start to finish by our professionals. Emphasis is on quality and personalized customer service from the initial consultation to the finished product. Granulawn uses only the highest quality grade Rainbird products.

Videos About Our Rain Bird Components

5000 PRS Rotor


1804 PRS Spray

LNK WiFi Module


Helpful Videos

How a Sprinkler System Works

A sprinkler system 101 video from Rain Bird.

Adjusting Rain Bird 5000 Rotors

A short video to help with the adjustment of the 5000 series rotor.

Adjusting Rain Bird T-Bird Rotors

Some of our older systems may still have the T-Bird rotors operational.  Here is how to adjust the rotor.

Sprinkler Winterization

The why's and how's of preparing your sprinkler system for winter.


Basic info on sprinkler system backflow preventors.